Apps for studying

On the positive side, there are more and more subject-specific apps. Depending on which subject you study, you should therefore take a look at the App Store or the Google Play Store at regular intervals. The STEM programs, which consist of the following areas, are particularly well positioned:

  • Mathematics
  • Computer science
  • Natural Sciences
  • Technology

Whereas in the past you had to buy a high-quality pocket calculator for expensive money, today you can download the digital alternative quickly and easily in the form of the Starburst Graphing Calculator on your smartphone. Very popular is also the search engine WolframAlpha, which is able in no time to display the appropriate curves to corresponding formulas. Other interesting apps that can also be used during the lecture are these:

But also lawyers can be helped at least in the criminal field by an app called JuraShooterStGB. Among other things, definitions and basic terms are queried here.

Reference works can often pay off in everyday life at rainbow riches

Definitely paid not only as part of your studies, but as a rule after a very short time, reference works like the following:

  • Leo Dictionary
  • Dict CC
  • Google Translate / Bing

Those who have complex texts in front of them can understand correlations much faster with the help of the Leo dictionary. It is advantageous that many different languages ​​are stored here, so that you not only benefit from the application in English texts.

However, has the advantage over the first variant of being able to work offline. Especially within the lecture hall or in the basement of a university building, it can be scarce with the Internet reception. is available in both a standard version and a plus version. The first is free, the second costs 9.99 euros. Those who can not benefit from these applications or classic translators may still be well advised to use apps that only simplify everyday life. These include “FlatMate” or “Kochmeister”.


The former app pays off especially for WG residents, because it provides an overview of the incurred expenses. On the other hand, is especially interesting for those students who are often encountered in the cafeteria or at the fast food restaurant . Whole 60,000 recipes are neatly deposited in the app namely.